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24K Gold Cooling Eye Mask

Our cooling eye mask eliminates dark circles & rejuvenates collagen. The elasticity in the skin is restored, hydrated and the puffiness is eliminated.

Majestic Tea Face Mist

Are you looking for a quick spritz formula for on the go or when you're relaxing? Our tea face mist has a powerful combination of Green and White Tea, B3, fruit extracts and Aloe Vera juice to nourish, moisturize and keep the skin refreshed.

Herbal Eye Gel

Bring the joy back to your skincare routine. Our herbal eye gel will positively boost your mood as well as repair eye fatigue, puffiness and dark circles.

Revitalizing Serum

Our vitamin c serum repairs the stem cells in the skin and stimulates the blood flow for a more natural, youthful glow.

Herbal Detox Restoring Mask

Our herbal detox mask purifies and restores the skin back to a natural and healthy appearance.

Hemp Seed Beard Oil

Beards need love too. Our hemp seed beard oil will make your beard shiny, fuller and smoother, all while moisturizing and preventing dryness.

Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo

Show your hair some much needed love and care. Our hemp seed oil shampoo will restore moisture, shine and promote hair growth.

Hemp Seed Oil Conditioner

Show your hair some much needed love and care. Our hemp seed oil conditioner will strengthen your hair follicles, moisturize and promote hair growth.

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